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How to Start

To make an appointment

Initial forms must be completed prior to your first appointment. For your convenience, these forms can be accessed from the link below.

Proof of Identity:  You will need to present picture identification to substantiate name and person (e.g. valid driver’s license) when you attend your first appointment.  If treatment has been mandated by another agency, you may need to provide information/documentation. 

Emergency:  If you are having a medical emergency, then call 911 or seek out services at your local hospital emergency room.  If you are having a psychiatric emergency, you can call Anchor Hospital at (678) 251-3200 or Ridgeview Institute at (770) 434-4567.  Please understand that I am not available at all times.  If you are in need of immediate assistance, then do not wait for a call back. My practice is outpatient at Positive Energy Solutions, Corp and does not offer 24-hour availability. It is designed to accommodate individuals that are reasonably safe and resourceful.  If at any time this support does not feel sufficient, then please communicate this so we can discuss additional resources or find you an alternate service provider.




$175.00    Initial Diagnostic Assessment

$125.00    50 minute Individual Psychotherapy Session

$145.00    50 minute Couples, Family Psychotherapy session

$60.00      Group Therapy (per person)

$125.00+  Career Counseling (More information under Business Services)

Fees for Workshops, Presentations, Career Counseling, and Career Testing are structured according to the service requested.

Flexible Payment:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, and Checks, are all accepted.

 If desired, you may call to review your financial options prior to scheduling a service.


It is policy to not double book appointments. Each appointment is a block of time exclusively reserved. When a client misses an appointment or fails to provide 24 hours notice for cancellation, the client has occupied the reserved block of time regardless of any service rendered. Therefore, the client, not the insurance company, will be charged the fee for any appointments missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice.*

* Workshops and presentations not cancelled within contracted time period will be assessed a fee.