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Business Services

Business services can be expertly tailored to fit your needs as an individual or organization to update your image.


Are you satisfied where you are in your career?

People often spend more time on the job than with their families or leisure interests. Working in an unfulfilling career rolecan increase risk of depression.

Career testing and coaching helps to,

  • Choose a career

  • Create goals for advancing your career and increasing your earning potential

  • Explore realistic career options utilizing standardized career assessments

  • Extract more satisfaction out of current work roles

  • Meet unique career development goals

  • Reinvent yourself

Although career services can be combined with traditional therapy services in few cases, career services require a different focus than traditional therapy services and are not considered essential by healthcare insurance plans. Therefore, most healthcare insurance plans do not cover career services

Results can be communicated via coaching sessions remotely or in person. Coaching sessions to follow up on progress and to plan next steps are also available.


How are you retaining talent within your organization?

Top-notch organizations are recognizing the increased need to invest in employee health initiatives to maximize high performance and solid business results.

Workshops and presentations are fun, experiential activities that make learning exciting. Workshops and presentations focus on building competencies. Topics include,

  • Addiction

  • Increased Self-Care = Exceptional Performance

  • Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Diversity Awareness

  • Managing Your Emotions

  • Service Excellence

  • Stress and Anxiety Management

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